As a writer, you may have ever felt overwhelmed by a blank sensation when trying to write an article. To eliminate the problem you may try to follow the tips in this article. Ok, let’s start it. I don’t want to waste your invaluable time.

First, if you have a collection of private label contents, take a look at them. Try to find an article that covers a similar subject to the article you want to write. For example, if you want to write an article about badminton you can look for an article about tennis. Both have many similarities. They are games that require a racket and net to play. In addition, they can be played single or double. Just change the word “tennis” to “badminton” and change any inappropriate words. For example, you may have to change the word “tennis ball” to “shuttlecock”.

Another example is if you want to create an article about restaurants in your city you can use an article about restaurants in Kuala Lumpur or New York or any other cities. The key here is the more similarities exist the easier your writing task will be.

What will be easier if you want to create an article about “web writer”, using an article with the title “Hire a Web Designer” or “Hire a Broker”? I believe you agree with me to choose the first one because compared with a broker there are more similarities between a web writer and a web designer. Both of them, a writer and a web designer, normally serve people who are running a business on the internet which means their customers are more likely to have similar problems.

In case you can not find an article that covers a similar subject like that just open one of your private label articles. There are common titles that can be used for various subjects. Here are some of them:

How To Find …

The Secret To …

The Basics of …

The Benefits of …

Mistakes To Avoid When …

and so on…

Just open one of them no matter whether the subject is related to yours or not.

Now you can alter the article. For example, below is a private label article about cigar:

—– START —–

4 Tips for Lighting a Cigar

For new smokers, lighting a cigar can seem as daunting as learning to choose a good single. Here are four tips to guide you in lighting a cigar for the first time.

—– END —–

If you want to write an article about web hosting you can alter the article above so it becomes:

—– START —–

Several Tips For Finding a Reliable Web Hosting Provider

For beginners, choosing a reliable hosting service can be difficult because there are a huge number of hosting companies with different hosting plans in the market right now. Here are some important factors you should consider in deciding which one to choose.

—– END —–

After you have finished several first sentences like that you should be able to finish your article easily. You can do this method again and again for any subjects. Collecting many private label contents can also be very beneficial to you because besides you will have good quality content to get the creative juices flowing you will be able to take some sentences from here and there.

Finally, although you can just “search and replace” for some words it is advisable to take it a step further in order to make your article really unique. Do not forget also to check your article to make sure it does not contain the wrong information.

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