First things first, parasailing is a rare opportunity to fly like a bird. It is also a sports adventure activity that has long been done and practiced for more than two decades.

One of the requirements needed is a speed boat that has at least a horsepower of 90, a harness, towline. Also, the speed of the wind must range from either twelve to twenty-seven mph. As much as possible, the flight and takeoff area should be clear and shouldn’t have obstructions like ropes, trees, or power lines.

Prior to parasailing flying

The parasail flyer should have a helmet, a life jacket as well as protection for the feet. The canopy chute is then held on the sides by the crew. Immediately, a signal is given. The flyer then resists the boat’s pull in order to keep the line tight as well as to keep his balance.

Parasail flying

Now that the flyer is floating in the sky, the harness should be sat in. Steering towards the left or right direction must be achieved via pulling on the risers either from the left or right.

The altitude is then controlled by the speed of the boat. The fact of the matter is that the boat could travel and turn along the wind, as long as the speed of the boat is increased in order to keep the flyer’s wind speed.

Parasail landing

The parasail landing is on water. As much as possible, the parasail landing area should be clear. The speed boat must stop completely prior to splashdown in order to prevent the chute from being dragged along the water.

After the parasail landing, the one flying must then unhook himself from the parasail chute and should also be immediately picked by the crew of the boat.

The parasail is then brought towards the boat and made ready for the next ride. Take note that if a parasailer has enough experience in landing on water, he may then consider touching down on land. This, therefore, requires skill from the speed boat driver and the flyer. Landings on land could increase injury risk, however, it is a good way to stay dry.

All in all, any sport adventure activity, specifically parasailing, involves a few risks. What is necessary is the drive to do it no matter what.

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