Dehydrated bananas are available in any supermarket in the country. Many people like them because of their sweet flavor and delightful texture. But if more people knew how the manufacturers of commercially dehydrated bananas come up with their product, the popularity of this dried fruit would decrease dramatically.

Many people are already very conscious of their health these days, and when they learn how dehydrated bananas are made, they would probably be shocked. This is the usual procedure for making commercially dried bananas: first, they are deep-fried in coconut oil, then they are dipped in sugar water.

This is hardly the most nutritious way of making dehydrated bananas. That is why health-conscious people who know of this process have tried making dehydrated bananas in their own kitchens.

They dry up the bananas by subjecting them to 135 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 hours. This works well in drying up the bananas, but it also dries up the nutrients of the fruit and leaves it quite tasteless.

1. Soak your bananas for 5 minutes in a bowl of fresh lemon juice. If you don’t have lemon juice, you can use unsweetened juice.

2. Slice up the bananas into equally-sized thin pieces. Place the slices on a mesh sheet to let some of the liquid drip off.

3. Slow down the dehydration process. Instead of 15 hours, do it for 18 hours at 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not heat them until they are crunchy. Turn off the heat when the pieces are pliable.

4. Let them cool down…and start eating.

For an even more distinct flavor, you can try sprinkling your bananas with some cinnamon or coconut before dehydrating. There you go! You now have created your own home-made dehydrated bananas that are both delicious and very nutritious.

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