If you’re getting ready for a date, these 8 dating tips for black women can help you make a good impression and keep him interested (if you want him to be).

1. Pay attention to how much perfume you wear. He’s probably going to wear cologne and may overdo it a bit himself. And when people are nervous or want to make a really good impression they often overdo it with that. So go lighter rather than heavier with your favorite perfume.

2. Don’t wear your highest heels. Unless you know that you’re only going to the fanciest restaurant and not going to be doing very much walking, leave your biggest shoes at home. He might have planned a long walk somewhere and if you’re wearing stilettos that can be uncomfortable.

3. If this is the first date, try to tone everything down a bit. Black women sometimes go for a big impression right away, when that’s not always the best thing to do. Wear an easy hairstyle that’s not too complicated and comfortable clothes that look nice, without going as fancy as possible unless you know the situation really calls for it.

4. Don’t leave it up to him to come up with every topic of conversation. Avoid things like religion and politics, but do bring up things like the last movie you saw or the kind of hobbies you enjoy.

5. Bringing up current events is also a good conversation starter. Before you go on the date for at least a couple of days makes a point of watching the news and being aware of what’s going on, if that’s something you’re not already doing. That should give you both plenty to talk about.

6. Don’t be too hard on your date. But do notice the little things. Maybe he hasn’t had a manicure lately and his shoes aren’t brand-new, but try to be a bit forgiving if everything isn’t absolutely perfect.

7. Remember that he’s nervous, too. In fact, he may be much more nervous than you are. A lot has to do with how often he dates and how often you date. It may have taken him a while to build up the courage to even ask you out. So he’s terribly worried about making a good impression. Bear that in mind, and it can make you feel a bit less nervous.

8. Pay him a compliment. This is something that black women should remember because men love to be complimented. If you like his shirt, say so. If you like the cologne he’s wearing, mention it. Any sign of approval from you will set him at ease and make him a bit less nervous because he’ll be very pleased that you like something about him. That will make the date go much, much better because he’ll feel a bit more confident. Then you can both concentrate on just having a good time.

Remember these dating tips for black women, and have a great time on your date.

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