With a myriad of activities to choose from, Aruba fishing is definitely one that will entice tourists in search of a new experience that will offer a different kind of adventure and a treasure trove of memories to bring home when the time comes to leave. The Caribbean waters, thriving in marine life, yield a variety of Atlantic game fish. The likes of marlin, wahoo, amberjack, sailfish, tuna, moray eels, grouper, snapper of varying shades of red, gold, silver, and blue promise to make Aruba fishing a one of a kind experience that has a charm of its own, an adventure not to be missed, and worthy of a place in one’s calendar of activities while visiting Aruba.

Aruba fishing offers an alternative to visitors who, not being the adventurous or sporty type, do not relish the idea of diving or snorkeling but are not averse to venturing further into the sea for a pleasant diversion. Aruba fishing provides a quiet kind of thrill, no less exciting, one which affords the chance of relaxing amid the wealth of marine life, swimming in abundance beneath the mysterious depths of the sea while one sits on a boat contemplating the entire beauty of the island. The patience of waiting in animated suspension for a fish to take his bait holds a certain kind of appeal, and the reward comes with the sight of a large, brilliantly colored fish at the end of his fishing rod. Ah, the exultant cry of the wanna-be fisherman, such pride at having made his own catch of the day, never minds his lack of experience. However, killing or capturing the fish is not usually encouraged. Visitors are advised to release the fish after being tagged for the natural preservation of marine life. This does not in any way spoil the fun or the game of one’s sense of achievement at having caught one slippery fish.

The wealth of the Caribbean Sea has made Aruba fishing the main source of earning one’s living on the island. It boasts of a bountiful supply which the islanders are more than willing to share with their visitors. Today, it is fast becoming a favorite water activity among tourists, providing stiff competition to scuba diving and snorkeling in this department. Aware of its popularity, fishing boats have been made available for rent or charter for a full or half-day of fishing, complete with equipment and manned by an experienced and skillful captain who can teach one the rudiments of Aruba fishing while regaling his passengers with different tales about this exotic island.

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