Sometimes when trying to come up with designs your mind can go blank. You find yourself unable to come up with a design for a certain project. While airbrush art can give you endless possibilities it can also leave you stumped on a design project. Finding inspiration thought for your airbrush art can come from many forms. The different places that you can look for inspiration can help you when you are stumped on what to do with a project.

When you are feeling the creative block coming on then start looking around you. Anything can be a basis for inspiration, especially if you change your scenery and look around your new surroundings with open eyes. Cooped up in a studio too long, then go out to the park and open your eyes to everything that you see. Derive inspiration from various sights around you and incorporate them into one great piece of art. See two kids on a seesaw at the park? Turn those two kids into angels on a seesaw cloud in the sky. See a couple of kids playing ball? Then turn them into angels and the ball into a cloud. Now put all of this into one art design. See where I am going with this? You just took two things you have seen incorporated them both together turned them into something else, and now you have a unique floating cloud playground.

Inspiration can also come from books as well. Go to the library and check out some art books to help you get some inspiration to get you going again with your creative design. Sometimes by looking at other people’s works you can get past your creative block and start creating your own airbrush art again. Any form of art will work to give you inspiration since, after all, you can airbrush any design you see. Take the time to look at the art in the books and see them as your own. Think of how you would have created that picture had it been yours. Then go from there and start drawing out how you would have made it look. Once you are happy with it then airbrush it onto your project to create your own unique airbrush art design.

If you don’t want to get outdoors to look at new scenery, and you don’t want to go to the library then you can just surf the web. The internet is full of inspiration for your airbrush art. Start looking at various images and keep surfing until you find the one that gets your creative juices flowing again. Print the picture that helps you so that you can keep it around as your muse for as long as you need it. It may take a while but with the limitless supply of images and artwork on the internet, it is certain to keep you supplied with some inspiration.

Sometimes you just need to step back and take a breather to get your inspiration back. If you find that you are not getting inspiration no matter where you are looking then it is definitely time you stepped away from the airbrush art for a while. Take a few hours to do something other than airbrushing and let your mind go for a while. You will be surprised how quickly your inspiration comes back and creative juices start flowing when you just take a breather.

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