Water fountains inside a large garden pond, water bodies, or farm ponds, lends a beautifully elegant touch to them. The water fountains, due to filtration, keep the water clean and provide additional oxygen to the pond fishes.

While selecting a fountain, make sure that the height of the water fountain spray is less than one half the width of the garden pond. This helps to prevent excessive water loss. For proper distribution of water, it is necessary to match the fountain spray with the fountain pump. Most of the fountain pumps contain devices that adjust themselves to the height of the fountain spray.

Fountains are the best way to provide a cooling effect on your house during summers. A wall fountain near the front door produces a pleasing sound to your ear. You can even opt for a standing water fountain with all its necessary accessories like a pump, container, water plant, and pebbles. They give a decorative touch to the fountain. If you stay in a dry area, either because of the rugged terrain or due to air conditioning, fountains are very helpful. They increase the humidity of indoor air and prevent your skin from drying. It is said that the negative ions released by fountains, is good for mood and concentration.

You can easily prepare your own fountain at home with the help of a waterproof container, a water pump, pebbles, and water plants. Using a suction cup, place the pump at the bottom of the bowl. Plug the pump into an electric outlet and cut the tubing accordingly to fit the container. Place rocks and pebbles at the bottom of the container and adjust the water volume as required to produce the sound.

You can place water plants, moss, figurines, and other decorative items to make it look attractive and at the same time hide the tubing. A candle placed beside the fountain makes it look all the more attractive due to the glistening of the light in the fountain.

It is necessary to take proper care of the fountain to ensure its long run. Try to keep it dry during the winter months. Cover the fountain with blankets or burlap bags to protect it from severe cold. To avoid clogging during summer, it is required to clean the leaves, twigs, and debris. Avoid using bleach if pets have access to the fountain. Fountains are beautiful assets to your house and enhance the beauty of indoor and outdoor surroundings.

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