Spammers spend thousands of hours trying to figure out how to get around spam filters on the public email network. A spammer’s goal is to reach millions of people with the same email message and hope that enough folks respond to the offer.

Public email networks hire full-time programmers to write spam filters to block spam from your mailbox, but somehow the spammers seem to win. It’s a never-ending battle between the two and we Internet users are caught in the middle.

There is a simple solution: private email.

A private email network takes you off the public email grid so spammers can’t find you. Not only that, but viruses can’t find you either. It’s a 100% secure and safe environment.

On a private email network, you can send and receive plain text messages or encrypted messages, your choice.

You can also send encrypted files if you wish.

Now here’s the 2-cent catch. Each message you send or receive, each file you attach or receive will cost you 2-cents. Is it worth 2-cents to escape spam, viruses, phishers, and junk mail? I think so. I use Eyes Only Email as my only method of communication now. I just tell my friends my account name and we communicate just like we did on the public grid, except now we feel safe and secure.

You’ll need to download the free email software to use this private network, but once you’ve done that, you can start using the system immediately.

Big profit and low overhead is what spammers are after. They won’t participate in a private email system because it increases their overhead tremendously. It would cost them $20,000 to send one million emails at 2-cents each. That isn’t going to happen.

Besides being spam free, I like the option of sending sensitive information with encryption, another great feature of private email. Try it out today — for 2-cents per message, you can take yourself off the public email system.

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