Developed mainly for salmon and trout, fly-fishing is a special angling method whose origins are lost in the midst of time. Initially, real flies and worms were used as baits, but as time passed and plastic and rubber were invented, artificial flies replaced the real ones. The rods were made from wood at first, but are now made from polycarbonate and glass fiber. The artificial fly is very light, however, the line is heavy, helping the bait sink.

Places to go fly-fishing

Many stories have been told about places where trout jump out of the water, or where you can catch salmon with your bare hands. I can’t promise you that, but I am going to tell you about two of my favorite fly-fishing locations, where you can find big trout and salmon, and where you can have a relaxing time as well.

La Rioja, Spain

Spain. What would be the first image that comes into your mind when thinking of Spain? Sunny beaches perhaps, wine and friendly people maybe, but not in a million years would you think about fly-fishing. Well, think again, because La Rioja, a small town in northern Spain, is the perfect spot for trout fishing. The two wild rivers that surround La Rioja, (Iregua and Najerilla) are perfect for fly-fishing. Big trout, enjoying life in the fertile water, steep valleys, and tall mountains, is exactly what you will find in La Rioja. The most popular bait used by the locals fishing on the slower streams, is the Damsel Fly, while on the faster section of the river, the caddis rules. Artificial baits are used as well. But there is more to this place than the scenery. The people are the element that gives the real value to the spot. Besides, they are really experienced fishermen, so you could learn a thing or two from them. Therefore, if you should decide to go fly-fishing to Spain, this is exactly where you should book a ticket.

The Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec

This wonderful place is located about 350 km eastwards from the mainland of Canada. Because of the surrounding mountains, that rise up to 1200 m, and the gulf called Baie des Chaleurs (The Gulf of Heat), the scenery here is breath-taking. The rivers here are said to have the clearest water in the world. Just check this with your own eyes, and you will have no doubt. Fishing in Gaspe will definitely be an experience you will never forget. For instance, the water is so clear, that you can see the salmon as it nears your fly, and the majestic dance it performs around it. This is a great place for out-door camping as well.

Good fishing

These are just two of the many wonderful places a passionate fisherman could go. However, just as the place is important, so is the company. So, if you don’t want to fish alone, choose your company well, since bad company can ruin everything. Trust me, I know!

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