When cleaning carpets many people try to save money by renting a portable carpet extractor to clean their carpets. Cleaning your own carpets can be easy but there are a few guidelines that you should follow. Portable rental carpet extractors can be rented at most hardware and grocery stores. These small carpet extractors are great for small areas but are low powered and often times well-used. When renting a portable carpet extractor it is advisable to check with your local cleaning and janitorial supplies store. Carpet extractors rented from janitorial distributors are usually in better condition and provide more suction. These professional types of portable carpet extractors can usually be rented for a little more than the cost of renting one from a local hardware or grocery store. Also, by going to a professional cleaning supplies distributor you are likely to find better carpet cleaning products than at your local grocery store.

When you go to rent your carpet extractor make sure you have the janitorial supplies’ distributor go through the workings of the machine thoroughly. Janitorial distributors sell professional and industrial carpet cleaning supplies every day and are well versed in recommending the right carpet cleaning products for your individual needs. Always ask if there are other attachments that can be rented for the carpet extractor so that you can clean your furniture and drapes at the same time. If you’re going to rent a carpet extractor for a 24-hour period is advisable to get as much use out of it as possible.

After you have purchased all your carpet cleaning chemicals and have rented your carpet extractor it’s time to start cleaning your carpets. First, try to move as much furniture out of the room as possible to have a clear path for the extractor. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove as much large debris as possible before using the carpet extractor. If you have filthy traffic lane stains it is recommended that you spray these areas with professional traffic lane cleaner and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use. It is usually easier to spray a traffic lane cleaner onto the dirty areas with a common garden pump-up sprayer. Make sure to clean the garden pump sprayer before used to remove any residual chemicals from gardening.

After the traffic lane cleaner has had time work you can begin extracting the carpets. When mixing your extraction solution for the carpet extractor, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Mix the precise amount of water with the extraction solution and try to get the water as hot as possible. When you extract and clean carpets hot water will get your carpets cleaner than using cold water. When you are using a carpet extractor make sure to make a crosshatch pattern with your cleaning lanes. First, do the entire room in strips going one way the extract over the strips at a 90-degree angle going the other way. After you have extracted the entire room it’s time to perform a thorough rinse of your carpets. When rinsing the carpet extract the room with cold water to remove any detergents and extraction solution. If you do not rinse your carpets thoroughly your carpet can act like a dirt magnet after it dries. At the end of your rinse cycle, the dirty water coming out of the extractor should be a lot clearer than when you started.

After you have extracted your carpets use a dehumidifier and carpet fan if possible, to speed up the drying of the floor. Damp and slowly drying carpets can cause mold and bacteria to grow in the carpet padding. Carpet fans are sometimes known as carpet air movers dry the floor quickly by blowing large amounts of air over the surface of the carpet. The dehumidifier will take the water out of the air as the carpet dries and make your living conditions a little less humid. After your carpets have dried use a vacuum cleaner to remove any hair and lint brought to the surface of the carpet due to the carpet extraction process. Before returning the carpet extractor back to the rental store make sure it is clean and in the same condition you checked it out in to avoid any extra fees for cleaning the unit.

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