The first step to meditation is to realize that you are in fact an observer. Your perceptions of the world around you are not really you.

When you make yourself a mediator, you will no longer be the observer. You become a participant. Meditation is the creation of an image of the observer into a participant.

We are most likely to get meditation instructions from someone who does not even meditate. This is because the messages presented by non-meditators are often incompatible with the realities of the meditator. The dualistic viewpoint is best expressed through words such as “I”You”. “We” is rarely found.

First, you must understand that you are in the process of creating a meditative experience. It is imperative that the observer remains in control of the mediation. Once you begin to meditate, you may wonder what it is all about.

You must remember that in a meditative process the observer experiences a heightened state of awareness. While this enhanced state may cause the observer to become lost in his own consciousness, there is a heightened sense of awareness that is present, a sense that you are not the observer but rather a participant.

When you begin a meditative experience, all of your thoughts and feelings are now being experienced at one time. As this is occurring, you are no longer using the words “I”me” to describe your experiences. Instead, you experience an increased awareness that flows from being a participant in the mediation process. This awareness is the true source of all you know.

We have seen how meditation instructions can confuse the observer. Before meditation begins, the observer may want to become the meditator. They may feel their self-control slipping away, and they may even feel themselves becoming distracted. They begin to question their own existence and may find it difficult to remain in the meditative state.

The meditation process begins when the observer begins to recognize that he is not an observer in his past life. This realization will help the observer to dissolve any doubts and fears that are holding him back from a successful meditation.

Stop and look around. Are you aware of the ways in which you have been a participant in your past life? Does this information to assist you in opening your mind to the new reality that you have entered? If you are aware of your participation in your past life, you will be able to relax and feel yourself becoming a participant in your present life.

When you become a true observer in your present life, the meditative experience is successful. This process begins when you look within. You must examine your own beliefs. It will be necessary for you to use your eyes and ears in order to find the truth about yourself.

If you begin to meditate with meditation instructions that say “you” are meditating, you are not the true observer of your life. In fact, your conscious mind is disconnected from your true reality. You have entered a meditative state.

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