Finding a lot

Planning for your new home is a very involved process. You might want to get right down to selecting a set of house plans but don’t get in a hurry. It is almost a certainty that the design of your new home will be somewhat determined by the lot you choose. This is why it makes sense to select the lot for your new home first before you start the design process.

The lot you select for your new home should complement your lifestyle or social habits. It should also reflect your financial situation.

Considering the length of a commute from your new lot to your place of work. What is the maximum distance that you are willing to drive to get to work? The location of schools, shopping, and emergency services may also be important in deciding where to build your new home.

Types of Building Lots

There are several types of building lots and choosing one is simply a matter of personal preference, finances, and lifestyle.

Urban lots are of course those within a town, city, or municipality. An urban lot can often cost more than one in the suburbs or acreage. Here in southern British Columbia, a lot can easily cost you $50000 especially in a major center.

You should be aware of services such as water, sewer, gas, and hydro. Knowing where these services come into the lot is essential for determining the cost to bring these services into your new home.

It is important for you to know if there are any building restrictions or requirements that need to be followed. It is better to know before you get into the planning and design process.

An alternative to the urban lot would be to get a lot in the suburbs. The main difference between the two would be that a suburban lot is usually more private and larger than an urban lot.

Depending on where you live the cost will vary in comparison to an urban lot. In Kamloops BC a lot in the city is comparable in price with a suburban lot considerably larger.

Some lots in the suburbs are able to hook up to city sewer and water but not always. Additional costs can be added to have a well-built and septic system installed. A septic system will require that you perform a percolation test on the soil to determine the drainage capability.

A suburban lot will almost definitely mean a long commute to work and shopping. Most people find this a worthwhile trade-off for the added privacy a lot in the suburbs can provide.

The third alternative would be acreage. A plot of land 1 acre or larger gives you the freedom to build your home where you want plus you have room to build different outbuildings such as a shop or storage sheds.

When building on acreage it is almost a certainty that you will have to install a septic system and a well. This added cost needs to be factored in when determining overall building costs. If you plan to build your home more than 40 or 50 meters from the hydro service then the installation of hydro poles will also need to be considered.

Depending on your needs one of these 3 types of lots will be chosen. The main factor that will determine the lot that you get is price. Obviously, you can’t get a lot that is outside your financial capabilities.

Once you have determined which lot you want to build your new house on it is simply a matter of arriving at a deal with the property owner. With the lot purchased your existing home can be put on the market, and you can start the process of designing your new home.

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