Entrepreneurs are hard to come by. When you read a magazine or watch a television show that describes people who have “made it”, it’s usually a story about some actor who stumbled on an idea and ran with it. The truth is, there is no such thing as a “make it big” story.

All great entrepreneurs started off as someone who was just like you. Their ideas were terrible, their execution was even worse, but they kept at it because they were passionate about helping others. They were like writers who went through hell to produce a book or a film. Their work was outstanding, but they didn’t become writers because they could write like a pro.

There is a common denominator when it comes to being an entrepreneur. You either believe in yourself, your passion, or you can’t. It’s either you can and you do or you don’t.

Your passion is what drives you. You can inspire others to be what they can be with the same passion that’s driving you. You see, passion is contagious.

Entrepreneurs may not follow a script. That’s where it all comes down to passion. It’s what draws people to what you’re doing. You have to recognize that many people don’t know what to do but if they do it for the love of what they’re doing it will feel real.

The entrepreneur has to figure out his or her own unique motivation. Do they do it for the love of what they’re doing? If so, then you’re doing something right.

It’s when passionate people find themselves in a situation they can’t handle that they find the courage to finish what they started. This courage inspires other people to take action. Passion is contagious.

Perhaps the most important thing for an entrepreneur to remember is that they need to get started with the business sense. It’s the same way you would start learning a language. You wouldn’t get up and start reading until you knew the language.

Some of the world’s best startup entrepreneurs started without the knowledge. They just took a risk and got going.

Passion drives you. Once you have it you’re unstoppable. You won’t stop until you’ve accomplished what you set out to do.

Passion is contagious. Learn the strategies that will get you to take action and become an entrepreneur.

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