Here are some eye exercises that can help you improve your eyesight. You can do these exercises on your own, or you can get a guidebook to help you practice each one. The guide book will tell you exactly where to perform each exercise, and it can be a great benefit to you in case you don’t want to go into an optometrist’s office for advice. 

  • First, you should start by tightening your eye muscles. The muscles in your eyes are called “the muscles of focus.” You will want to sit down with your back straight, then start to contract the muscles of focus on the tip of your nose. 
  • This will make the area of your vision darken until you remove it. Try the first set of this exercise several times. Then you can try the next set. After doing them at least three times a day, your vision will improve.
  • Second, other eye exercises are called “peripheral vision.” You will want to gently pull the area of your vision up.
  • When you do this, make sure you are practicing on a dark spot so you can see what you are doing. You can try this out using a mirror. Then start to relax and continue. Pull the area of your vision up until it is dark.
  • Third, if you want to make your vision more like what you see in the movies, try the last exercise that is related to perfect vision. This is called “digit vision.” You will want to visualize a light bulb, such as a Christmas tree light, and try to pull the area of your vision upward, so it is bright white.
  • Color may seem a little foreign to you now, but that is all it takes. If you can pull the light bulb upwards, then you can practice pulling your vision up as well. Again, look in a mirror and do this with each of the colors.
  • Fourth, if you want to be able to see what it looks like when you have perfect vision, then try to remember a scene from a movie that you have seen before. Visualize it so that it will come more naturally to you. While you are doing this, keep in mind that the closer to the camera you are, the better the picture will look.
  • Fifth, now start to close your eyes. Keep in mind that everything you do is happening in front of you while you are focusing on that spot. That is why the picture will look clearer if you do this.
  • Sixth, look back and forth between the fifth eye and the other eye. Each time you look at one of the eyes, visualize the other eye as being the same color as the one that you are looking at. Do this about six times a day. Make sure you are always looking at your two eyes at the same time.

These eye exercises should help you improve your eyesight. Remember that practice makes perfect, and you will see benefits in a very short time.

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