While Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca, or Keratitis Sicca, or Sicca Syndrome, or Xerophthalmia, or simply Dry Eyes (Syndrome) can be caused by innumerable factors, perhaps it’s most common root is from extensive contact lens usage.

Yes, contact lenses and dry eyes seem to come together, even with the best silicone hydrogel contact lens in the market. As the contact lens sits on the less sensitive tissues along the rim of the cornea, this could also displace a volume of tears over the side to the sclera, de-voiding the iris and the pupil a percent of tears. Over time, tear displacements such as this will result in less and lesser lubrication into critical areas of the eye, resulting in a syndrome called dry eyes.

Another known effect is particularly associated with the composition of soft lenses. These lenses have liquid in their composition; when the liquid in its composition dries up, it absorbs the lipids and moisture of the surrounding eye, drying the eyes in the process.

‘Individuals who had contact lenses and dry eyes do tend to exhibit similar symptoms: tired, weary, and red eyes, itchiness in the central area, and a foreign body sensation, akin to having a sandy grit in the eye. While using rigid gas-permeable contact lenses seems to prolong (if not save) the user’s eye from the syndrome, contact lenses and dry eyes are still as rampant especially if compounded with other causes.

Like old age. The ability to retain and develop moisture naturally weakens with age, and dry eyes will be the inevitable foe to aging users. For these aged users, conventional rim glasses are more beneficial.

Medications like antihistamine also contribute to dry eyes. These substances can upset automatic tear secretion and locking moisture. So do ongoing or presence of diseases and allergies: Sjogren’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, or a combination of several or all factors.

Contact lenses and dry eyes, while they do come in concert, cannot be treated together. The best thing to do, when dry eyes symptoms come in full force is to remove your lens, apply eye drops (and eye lubrication), and let it stay without lenses for several hours.

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