Most eczema sufferers report a worsening of the symptoms when they use certain medications. Many have found that using non-medicated creams help them lessen the frequency of flare-ups, as well as giving them some relief. For this reason, we have included the most common types of creams that are not really necessary.

Oatmeal and honey: Oatmeal is commonly used to soothe aching skin. The anti-inflammatory property of the oatmeal makes it an excellent treatment for eczema. It is also used to treat sunburns. One of the best uses of this treatment is in treating eczema.

Soap: Using soap to dry out the skin is often a common practice when it comes to treating skin conditions. However, using soaps as part of a treatment regimen for eczema can lead to irritation can lead to itching. Therefore, soap should only be used after consulting with your doctor.

Medicated Moisturizer: When you apply a medicated moisturizer, make sure you do not rub the area. Instead, you can massage gently. This can help to reduce irritation and redness. There are several types of medicated moisturizers that are available and the most commonly used one includes retinol.

Ice Cubes: Although not originally designed for use in treating eczema, ice cube packs can relieve itchiness and inflammation. Most people who suffer from eczema feel uncomfortable with using ice to cool down their irritated skin. This is because it may make the skin burn and cause a rash.

Skin Care Creams: The use of corticosteroids, such as cortisone or ketoprofen are often effective in relieving the symptoms of contact eczema. They also keep the patient’s skin hydrated. As with other medications for eczema, corticosteroids should be used under the guidance of a doctor.

Medicated Shampoos: Though not used as frequently as some of the other treatments for eczema, using a regular shampoo can be a great help in soothing the skin. The essential oils in the shampoo help to balance the skin.

Lip Balm: Allergic reactions can occur when the lips are dry and cracked. There are several lip balms available that contain all-natural ingredients. These include Aloe, Shea butter, and fruit acids.

Petroleum Jelly: This is used to soothe the skin, especially if it has become inflamed. It is also applied to the areas where the eczema is visible, especially during the early stages of the condition. The use of petroleum jelly is generally not advised.

Covering the affected area: Wearing clothing that allows air dry will keep the skin from becoming irritated. This makes it easier to avoid scarring and other complications.

The best way to treat eczema skin is to find a simple, straightforward method that has proven to work for many other patients. Keep in mind that people react differently to different treatments. To be sure that any treatment you decide to try is safe for you, always consult with your doctor.

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