Acid reflux disease is a condition that affects millions of people. It usually occurs when the esophagus is weakened from inflammation is caused by the bacteria which are constantly in the stomach.

Not all cases of acid reflux disease are as serious as the symptoms. People have been known to suffer from depression, anxiety attacks for years. Even after undergoing several treatments, the disease can continue to cause problems.

However, there are some cases that are less severe and can be managed, particularly if they are not chronic conditions. These are conditions that can be managed easily and do not present any symptoms.

People who suffer from acid reflux disease can experience heartburn just before or during meal times. Heartburn occurs when acid, secreted from the stomach, backs up into the esophagus, irritating it. It can then cause difficulty swallowing and regurgitation of the stomach contents that are being pushed back into the throat.

The regurgitation itself may not be painful at all. However, it can cause irritation and can cause a stinging sensation in the mouth and the throat area. This can cause the pain felt when one is chewing their food.

This is not the case though; a chronic condition is the root cause of the problem. In the absence of any digestive problems, heartburn can simply occur due to the inability of the body to properly digest certain foods. Such foods include fatty foods, sugar-rich foods, beans and cabbage, onions, tomatoes, spicy foods, caffeine, cocoa, cranberry juice, coffee, wine, and alcohol.

Patients with acid reflux disease also tend to suffer from headaches, colds, and fever. This condition can become worse when one takes stimulants like coffee and alcohol, but other studies have shown that it can also be caused by stress and anxiety.

At the onset of acid reflux disease, there may be no obvious signs that would lead one to believe that they may be experiencing it. However, if a person eats the wrong kinds of foods repeatedly, or takes medication that irritates the stomach or esophagus, the condition will manifest itself gradually.

What should a person with acid reflux disease do? Well, they should learn to eat certain foods and avoid certain kinds of foods. These foods should be foods that are low in fat and carbohydrates or those that contain complex carbohydrates that are digested slowly.

A good way to stop acid reflux disease is to eat small amounts of foods that are high in fiber. Fibers are like guards that prevent the stomach from being stimulated and secrete acids. Thus, it is an excellent preventative measure to have.

Another effective way to stop acid reflux disease is to keep the esophagus dry. Drink plenty of water and use humidifiers.

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